I don't take insurance. My customers pay fully upfront. Why would I need Patch?

We get it. No one wants to deal with insurers. That's exactly what Patch is useful for. Patch allows you to continue not taking insurance (stay "out-of-network") while helping your customers find their "out-of-network" insurance benefits that they can use towards your services. 

"Out-of-network" benefits are difficult to find and use. Patch's digital platform removes an annoying, manual, and time-consuming process and makes it digital. Now, when customers call or walk-in, you can mention that they can use their "out-of-network" benefits and you'll help them get reimbursed.

My patients currently file for their own reimbursements. Isn't that good enough?

We've found it's quite common for people to not know they have insurance benefits they can use. Also, people either fill out the claims incorrectly or forget to do it all together. This is a bad. You can easily eliminate this pain point for them and you will have happier and longer term patients