Our mission is to automate healthcare finance so providers can focus on delivering quality care.  


Times are changing. Providers now have to manage patients across networks and deal with challenging administrative hurdles, all while delivering quality care. These struggles lead to lower payments and reimbursements for providers and patients alike.


Leading the charge in healthcare finance

We are passionate about making healthcare easier to use and pay for.

Our core belief is that healthcare should be easy to use. We created Patch with the mission to make using healthcare easier by simplifying the way people interact with their insurance and financial benefits. One day, we won't need to worry about our bank accounts and simply seek the care we all deserve. 


Our team of engineers, designers, and operations experts apply their diverse backgrounds to build products that are changing the way ancillary healthcare works.




Brett Plotzker
Co-founder, CEO

Jeremy Bluvol
Co-founder, COO