Why are you paying someone to sit on the phone with insurers?

Business isn’t getting any easier for eye care providers.

On the surface, things might not look too bad. Overall vision care revenues remain relatively steady — growing at roughly the same modest pace that they have for the past decade.

However, other factors and new types of costs — such as EHR implementation, shrinking insurance reimbursements, and fierce competition from large retailers and online — erode potential revenue increases that ECPs might otherwise experience. In reality, ECPs are having to work harder in order to simply maintain what they are bringing in.

In this climate, it’s more important than ever that ECP offices run like finely-tuned machines, with each staff member contributing to the bottom line. For ODs, this means taking steps to see more patients per hour. For non-OD staff, this requires a wide gamut of activities (supporting ODs, selling and upselling products, helping perform tests on patients, performing administrative tasks, overseeing scheduling and logistics, etc.) that keep the office humming and patients happy.

Sounds straightforward and fairly obvious, right?

Except that contending with insurance companies — a necessary evil that nearly all ECPs face on a regular basis — almost never bolsters productivity. One local optometry office conservatively estimated that staff spends between 10–12 hours a week on the phone with insurance companies. Much of that time was spent on hold. And although time spent wrangling with insurance carriers is certainly part of the service that ECPs provide to their patients, it comes at high price. It prevents staff from working toward the myriad of other, more productive tasks that could be helping the office be more profitable.

“I wish I spent more time on the phone with insurance companies.” — said no eye care provider, ever

ECPs should seek to remove the barriers that keep staff from making the most meaningful contributions possible. Time spent on hold or trying to navigate through a confusing phone tree could be best spent serving patients, helping them resolve their eye care concerns, and (more importantly) winning their hearts.

In today’s market, you can’t afford to let others squander your valuable time.

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